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Kiaya is a dedicated real estate professional with a deep-rooted passion for California. Born and raised in the Golden State, she takes pride in showcasing its remarkable qualities to her clients. Kiaya's love for California's abundant amenities is evident as she enthusiastically shares the joys of living here. From the proximity to the magnificent sequoias to the convenience of a short drive to the picturesque Central Coast, the allure of exploring the vast Mojave desert, or indulging in a fun-filled snow day at China Peak, Kiaya understands the unique appeal of each region.

Having grown up in the Central Valley, the agricultural heartland of California, Kiaya developed a strong appreciation for the diverse landscapes and vibrant communities that make the state so special. Following her high school graduation, she embarked on an exciting journey to Northern California, where she resided in the Bay Area for over ten years. During her career as a runway model, Kiaya split her time between San Francisco and Los Angeles, gaining valuable insights into the distinctive lifestyles and real estate markets of both cities. Eventually, she chose to settle down in the suburbs of her hometown in Tulare County, happily raising her family. With her intimate knowledge of the area and genuine affection for her community, Kiaya is determined to help others find their perfect home. Let her expertise and dedication make your next big move the best decision you've ever made.

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